my little crystallization.. 3 years project ( ongoing _ under progress _ not present yet_ )


inspiration quote in bible :

“Son of man, you dwell in the middle of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house.” (Eze 12:2) #hnth #isolandic #isolandic2015

Little thought of mine :

in this earth, in this history, we do treasure each other as we do all having beautiful mind and beautiful body to show in this beautiful world … Am I right?

Plants cannot speak.. But still they can show their growth power without talking; Animals do not have languages, but show their living talents… Earth cannot speak, how they can reflect their situation to us?

Human being is having ears, having eyes, having culture, having languages … having intelligence…having spirits of love…

Why do we have strike? Can we settle? Why do we have fight? Can we be calm ? Why do we have rumours? Can we prove? So who are the one who really got the right eyes and who doesn’t? Who really got the right mouth to speak out what we are really wants ? what’s the purpose by doing all those noisy attacks? What are the meaning and value by creating hatred and sadness? who is going to fight for those innocence human, animal even the tiny extinctive earthy living organism?

Can we just sit for a little while and listen all these voices in our hearts ? Using our intelligence and discuss a little changes of what are we going to develop a better world?

HEAR as knowing what we concern at this moment. What would be the biggest dangerous issue that we are facing in this world? HEAR something that make the most valuable steps for this world.

Believing in some of us, who are willing to know more and try to help, to eliminate all these living boundaries in different ways of communication.. and yea… Voice can be no sound.

I am the one is here to present my spirit and speak with my talents. Visualise and purify all those fights and against in mute. As we can talk when no sound is occurred.

So do you think sound is important for us ?
what does the true sound speak ? Does sound helping us a lot ?
How importance of sound would be for us ?
If sound turns into noise, what is it ? What’s meaning of that?
When we do the silence ? why ?
how would it be in silence in our world ?
What would it be if there is voiceless between us ?
is sound good for us in general ? How to make a good sound ?

Yes… Analyse all those questions and pushing them into a development.
Hear something that have values; Not to hear something is meaningless.

I make ” Hear or not to hear ” from 2012 to 2015 and This collection is going to belong to a sentence ” No hidden, no covers and just showing in silence with simple beat variations. ”

11947597_1134679393214543_2245864109259917810_n 11220829_1134679376547878_614786493635106523_n 11891159_1134679846547831_1968212010736754370_n 11885066_1135239396491876_8168147277898670645_n 11923205_1135239563158526_5174338400143874947_n 11952015_1135239799825169_3976521318326148955_n 11899870_1135239879825161_1449967032375187646_n 11221523_1135240079825141_21406363933582769_n 11902465_1134400843242398_9089452769890276432_n 11040515_1134400916575724_5885303576957594400_n 11953198_1134400866575729_6009530699999344706_n 11924764_1135097776506038_7329868175100882945_n 11094347_1135097796506036_8234216599512220906_n 11896137_1135097783172704_3846762106369583190_n 1474411_737230962959390_1697790078_n 999640_737230936292726_295885016_n 1461818_736912196324600_725552511_n 1394334_736923056323514_51791540_n 11899920_1131065863575896_7432433470558618718_n 11219309_1131064410242708_8707609823893756681_n11887916_1131064413576041_3205049581655456566_n


Author: isolandic

// Love to create a TWIST to make something different :) Embraces the times to live for humanity △ something is used to be stable and calm. Excitement is always left behind after.. everything exists, a must to have a reason, that’s why we are here to create and maintain.

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