Orange with my own skirt

アレンジアレンジアレンジですが #橙 #オレンジ#l #orangewithmyownskirt2016 good morning 😻 climate condition with Animal evolution/ extinction/ ecosystem / food chain with Pollution / social problems on network , traffic , safety and housing / commercial problems on packaging/ petroleum consumption on plastic demand / personal desires with dreams / human innovation and technology with space and earth / analysis on the orange 🍊 colour with psychology : influences on gender / ages / social stages / media / Identity / and the relationship of nutrition itself for human in form of synthetic and artificial of fruit – by products in mixtures of solid / liquid / powder / in order to improve body health and skin / the biological structures with orange fruits / smells / taste / function // are we still beautiful without thinking of other collapses ? What would be going on to our next Generation? What would be the next aesthetic value?Think about Timescales for equilibrium ? I eat my orange , a slice of it.


Author: isolandic

// Love to create a TWIST to make something different :) Embraces the times to live for humanity △ something is used to be stable and calm. Excitement is always left behind after.. everything exists, a must to have a reason, that’s why we are here to create and maintain.

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