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△ something is used to be stable and calm. Excitement is always left behind after.. everything exists, a must to have a reason, that’s why we are here to create and maintain.


“through the makings , deal with the changes.”
a TWIST.. to make sth different

Why ‘ isolandic ‘ ?iso – a song ” isobel” from Björk. i love this song because its context is quite similar to my exist.Yes.. music is my one of inspirations for my design. land – a place, space for me to create and imagine.’ic’ means ‘i see” which is representing the understanding for all those circumstances from humanity in surroundings.that is it … isolandic. my dreams to living in.

isolandic’s Design directions :

Expression to society.
To retain the purity of human nature.Design is no gender but in sizes.
All the creations are formed by using different line constructions, solid color combination on symbolic prints and paint.
Cultural context : ‘messages’ always contains in my collections. means on color, threads, contructions. i believes they have their reason to live in.
Fashion context : Oversizes, layering techniques and straight silhouttee.Design context : thing has a date to birth and a date to expiry.Time react to us and we create history through time-passing by.


△ something is used to be stable and calm.

Excitement is always left behind after.. everything exists, a must to have a reason, that’s why we are here to create and maintain.

Designer Profile:

Isobel P. studied Bachelor of Design (Fashion) in RMIT University (officially the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University). Her major wasnt at commercial world but focus on Exploratary Fashion Design. Her Origin is HKSAR, China.

As a fashion designer, she has created her first fashion collection ‘Pollination of Running Love’ in 2006 by using organza and layering technique to express world peace in her cultural context. ‘Sponge = Human’ is her graduation collection and was shown on “Les Createurs” parade at Melbourne’s Town Hall, 2007. Her first personal fashion show ‘ Obesessive lOVE 2010 ’ is collaborated with the use of cloth weaving techniques and the nature of color to present her personal experiences on the epitome of male-female relationships, into 12 different subjects with linked stories.

“Isolandic” is her personal showroom to present her works. She illustrates, photographs, making accessories by putting her focus on geometry, symbolism and line construction. Under her eyes, She explores different kinds of materials, silhouettes by uncertain experiments, experiencing originally as design process.

She love to create , to make thing differently. Her works always connect with humanity. She loves abstract by capturing ‘something’ in nature with a history, meant to give it a depth, a ‘message’ in order to response, reflect the social circumstances. She will be one of the drivers to use value creation and improve the well-being of society.

She believes: everything exists! A must to have a reason, that’s why we are here to create and maintain.

Isobel P.在RMIT大學學士設計(時裝)畢業,大學期間俢讀Exploratary時尚設計。她源於中國香港。作為一個時裝設計師,在2006年她創造了一系列 Pollination of Running Love,宣揚無國界、人人平等。她在2007年畢業展LES CREATEURS裏,大膽運用工業材料海棉及泡沫原創了返老還童之作’Sponge = Human’系列。在2010年,她成功舉辦了首個個人時裝表演 ‘Obesessive lOVE’。在這個系列整體上是運用布的裝編織手法、色調本質創作了12個不同而連繫的故事題材,表達了她在自己在那些年裏所經歷男女關係的縮影。

“Isolandic” 是她的個人工作室。她將繪畫、照片及時裳設計融入於數字、幾何及線條當中,把象徵主義從現實世界中展現出來。在她的眼睛之下, 探索所有新舊的材料, 提取本質, 通過時間考驗,巧妙地將與別不同的形狀帶去,創造新的體驗式設計過程。在她的作品中總是包含’信息’,總是喜愛將人與人之間的反應情感作為她的靈感、創作起源, 捕捉“事&物” 的歲月痕跡,深刻地表現出它們存在意義及價值,反影人與人之間與社會交際實況。她希望能夠運用所有可能性,提倡創造價值從而改進社會的陰暗層面。

Description about isolandic: 
They are something about passion…
My creation goes beyond to the linkages on love in humanity..
let me refocus on human behaviors… 
you could ask me to custom-made for anything on inquires….welcome for exchange products and idea….

my blog :