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Brief of “orange with my own skirt”

📽 living is about combination, consumption and reaction. Orange is an association , a combination with red and yellow . There … must be having a chemical reaction between Red and yellow 1st. Skirt will be any kind of shaped raw substance / different component of cultures, gender, ages. LIFE is a reaction of #bombardment/ #meeting /#garthering / #movement , so orange is a product of little bit red and lots of yellow. LIFE is a product… has to be shown by little bit of red and lots of yellow . The meaning of red and yellow is equal to purple. Purple is the word of orange magically. Purple is also the mixture of blue and red. Blue is cool and red is hot. Purple becomes the balance between 2.

+ hear or not to hear + final movie 2014 – 2016

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Next to finish up the old – the final presentation of + hear or not to hear + 


Sudden awaken – I thought that I had been sleeping for so long til 6:00pm again. I looked at the curtain. It shows the dim. I looked at the clock. It shows the time in am. I browsed the self and looked at the concert ticket. What was it next to ? the book that I have finished in 2 chapters. What’s going on now? I have been taught by it for so long. What’s next? Do some Explanation for those misunderstanding? To the one Associate .. Why dissociate does go for rumours and stuffs .. Call out NLP ( makes your life like colourful candy can ) … 90% communication come from actions. Observe people from the details of non-linguistic actions , using 5W1H & on quests, erase own obsession / belief / fears. Measure the things which have been Twisted . What’s #Normality in people mind at the moment ? Understand resources. What is the passive / active ? Tonal sound effect in between for moods. Get the Comfort but stimulate you? I did know experiences which would cause 情報removal . We should revise the old frame, input new visions , finding the guidelines . Did some #Breakthroughs on the untruth series (expand. Lost. Negative. Shield . Broken) bring them as one into new level and values. To create by using follow, TOTE, VAK , Anchoring through visual, hearing, feeling to present as #MiltonModel . Complete them by the relationships of double #binding and #linkages. balancing them by 親切/安心感 warming /secure modes . #Modality by themes of truth series : RUN . Find and Met . positive . together . Then and so . Pushing people to change the old bad programming (memories) . Get #intension. build a new plan to new life style ( #NLPer ) no failure in mind ✔️ get the #stimulations, understand your moods, set and #practises #heartAnchor #心錨 !