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少年時聽到的也聽不懂,成長了聽不到的也聽到了。為何選擇與取向往往連帶著我們的聽覺?耳朵從收集環境中所有的聲音及信息的節奏快慢,帶來感覺、記憶的互動模式。它們所接收的其實是一種不可靠的幻覺幻想,也許是模糊不清的感覺,也許是不理志的情感道理。真實的感覺,真實的信念,往往我們須要眼睛四周觀察去理解,經過頭腦上的分析過濾個中種種因素,加上時間証明,才從而取得真正信任及認知。當然成長過程中,我們可以從耳朵的收集到或是選取出來認為是自己所需跟隨的聲音 hearing,那種節奏享受的聽到也是舒緩壓力的hearing , 但那些忘記或厭惡聽到了而用不著丶也不想理會的問題他人事物的聲音 not to hearing !其實是不是我們可以列入自私的行為?消滅了一種是要求,是懇請,是回應,是通知或是提醒的溝通関係⋯如果我們像海洋中的生物,沒有人類聲音,是不是會簡單一點,純真一些?誤會少一些? 或者好像機械人那般只有聽從?不作情感上的回應?想一想, listening!真正的聽覺成長是帶動一絲絲情感思緒!現正不如我們在這個系列中大可以從寧靜中透過眼底裏的畫面收録感受世界中帶來的話語。之後一起感受,回憶惜日的歷史好與壞,那些現實後果變成時間証明足跡,珍惜那些足跡,也許是我們要尊重的真正聽覺並將存入內心世界的信念吧。希望大家可以來用一些有意義的聲音,宣揚尊重,愛與平等的信念。Evolve our vision from listening not just hearing! Respect for balance and treasure what meant to be. People who can get the right sense back and living in good atmosphere! Building trust, faith and love. Here I would like to thank you for the one who supporting me.. This collection is also dedicated for you you you and you you who working with me together in this project : the aims of “hear or not to hear” collection 2013-2015 researching and production. #isolandic2015 #isolandic #iloveyou I hope each of you having great memories, experiences and enjoying your unique stories book in life.

Boro Textiles – Can be seen in the perfection of imperfection

2038  Boro Cotton Kimono, Yamagata Prefecture (Northern Japan) c. 1900 3436 Boro Jackets Short 00_WEB  7f51759337e7bbdbbce1519c8b77b0edboro_kimonoboro-968-1 Boro-Exhibition-detail-2-thumb-313x471-61294 Boro-Exhibition-inside-1-thumb-301x470-61292 Boro-Exhibition-overview-1-thumb-620x412-61286 Boro Jackets Short 01dBoro-Pouch Boro-The-Fabric-of-Life-13 boro1Detail_1024x1024 boro3 boro10 borocoat boroFolded2_1024x1024 boroyogi-9003-1 DSC_7586-2 fj-303-1 images indigodyedboroyogi JAPAN5D-300x1992 Japanese-boros-Long-John-blog-authentic-blue-indigo-rags-sashiko-technique-vintage-century-farmers-jacket-rags-natural-patched-worker-denim-jeans-workwear-craftsmanship-3-e1377758340596  picmonkey-collage6 Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 3.01.05 am Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 3.01.19 am Screen Shot 2015-03-16 at 3.01.41 am tos_boro_close-880 large_Boro-Fabric-of-Life-thumb

Boro Textiles – Can be seen in the perfection of imperfection

Japan’s patchwork textiles are referred to as “boro”, or ragged, both in Japan and abroad. Boro textiles are usually sewn from 19th and early 20th century rags and patches of indigo dyed cotton ( especially using Jean Cloth – indigo Cotton). The diversity of patches on any given piece is a veritable encyclopedia of hand loomed cotton indigo from old Japan. In most cases, the beautiful arrangement of patches and hand stitches is borne of necessity and happenstance, and was not planned by the maker. Imagine that boro textiles were stitched in the shadows of farmland houses, often at night by the light of one dim andon, on the laps of farm women. This unselfconscious creative process has yielded hand-made articles of soulful beauty, each of which calls upon to be seen and admired as more than the utilitarian cloth they were intended to be.

The Boro textiles offer an insight into the modest lives of those who wore them, as well as the principals of the country in which they lived. The principal of “wabi-sabi” can be seen in the perfection of imperfection, “shibui” in the textiles’ humble nature and “mottainai” as a reflection of a societal effort to avoid waste. As technology evolved and cotton before more accessible, popularity of the Boro process faded, however Boro—The Fabric of Life is fast to note its importances to and impact on contemporary culture have been unforgettable.

Charity for hong kong deaf organization

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We will present our handmade “Night Glow Gloves” ⭐️

Encouraging and Telling people that we can still communicate by ASL in darkness.

HK$10 will be donated to if any purchased.

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