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煙花 fireworks

從另外的角落看見的自己 seeing yourself from another corner 2018


小時候的煙花是新年才會出現。 fireworks exist when new year is coming

總是開開心心一大班朋友親戚到海旁去欣賞去親熱鬧。every family and my friends are gathered together

氣氛總是很生動很開朗很活潑很有趣。 happiness is fulfilled surroundings

說話的語氣跟大家一起來般熱血翻騰。 we all are talking loudly with joyful and blessings

一起來個「嘩」一起對著剛升起來的「它」做一個呼應一個回應。response to the fireworks

十分鐘的時間我的喉嚨已經被叫破了⋯⋯ ten minutes passing by

完結時候,沙啞的聲音四面都聽到 our throats were getting hurts but it was worth

人貼人的一步一步慢慢走向回家的路線⋯ we walked slowly to our own home

新年第一樣事情就是開心地輕輕鬆鬆排個長龍⋯ the first thing to do for new year – waiting in queues


I remember we do rented a hotel vip room for birthday celebration and get to know some western friends on the street

回憶是美好的⋯ memories are always good and excited~

心裏也拍下了一幕一幕朋友的樣子表情⋯期待好的一年好的開始⋯⋯ that kind of moment moments were saved into my heart and by refreshing it to seeing each others. Wishing a good start all the good journey is coming up soon for both you and me

坐在一旁的我對於天空笑著許了個願:致未來的家人朋友一起快樂生活。 I always sit on the side , pray and wish to have with all kind of happiness with family and friends after end of the event

時間過了五年吧⋯⋯ 5 years later

現在的我對煙花的意義是比秀形式出現。the meaning of firework is changed in terms of comparison of what we are doing

心想:同往年差不多?在電視裏看到最全面吧!世界各地也有直播! 在家吧! self awareness is messing with these past years and telling myself all the fireworks are smiling the same as last year ? watching on television is better outside with a crowd of people ? We have live show globally too … rest at the home ….. please…

這時候我開始知道自己變了享受方式⋯ my mind is changed

甚麼東西也都需要快、狠、準 everything is based on efficiency, cruelty, accuracy

不想跟時間過不去 never thought of wasting times

快一點更好,狠一㸃更強,準一㸃更自由。 At the end both of us will have a better outcomes with freedom, powers, and joys

上一年我們不是已經取消了慶祝活動⋯⋯ Do you ever know that the government has cancelled the fireworks last years? Why?

煙花漂亮嗎?!漂亮…那短暫的漂亮真實地出現在我們每一個小孩子的回憶吧⋯⋯ although beauty is a thing to buy with times . Beauty is beautiful and saved in our children memories

我很想念大家孩子們般的笑容和笑聲⋯ I treasured and missed our unconditional love and support

Melbourne new year is always in summer, 2006

從另外的角落看見的自己 seeing yourself from another corner 2018

從另外的角落看見的自己 seeing yourself from another corner 2018




Am I a Chinese




Was Living as Half Chinese half English educated student


Born in black hair


Yellowish skin



Although my blood wasn’t be mixed


But lived in colonial city – Hong Kong


We did miss a lot of Chinese history and cultural knowledges from China.


Shall we rise our relationship through


Finding, looking for , studying about the importances between two countries in the mean times


To use own special presentation to express the differences of both circumstances


How would be an Asian Artist to express their ‘the points of views’ through their own windows?


i had choosen to record about my self refection through

‘從另外的角落看見的自己’ 這個主題

a title of ‘seeing yourself from another corner’


by writing some thesis to the world.

The backstreet of my home in Melbourne 2005