Orange with my own skirt

Orange dreams  on.
The sentimentality about skirt.
With regards to my personalities.
All have own values.

Orange with my own skirt 2016/2017 #orangewithmyownskirt2016 – is a colourful black mystery.

Indian Linen fabric with circular skirt bottom stand collar long sleeves dress with cotton rope belt combination. Zipper at the back. Furry jacket will be made. Mean: even when you are lost, tied up your belly, follow the feeding, Stand up and look around with freedom legs. Fold and ease the blocking , grabbing sth what you want.


#orangewithmyownskirt2016 📽 living is about combination, consumption and reaction. Orange is an association , a combination with red and yellow . There … must be having a chemical reaction between Red and yellow 1st. Skirt will be any kind of shaped raw substance / different component of cultures, gender, ages. LIFE is a reaction of #bombardment/ #meeting /#garthering / #movement , so orange is a product of little bit red and lots of yellow. LIFE is a product… has to be shown by little bit of red and lots of yellow . The meaning of red and yellow is equal to purple. Purple is the word of orange magically. Purple is also the mixture of blue and red. Blue is cool and red is hot. Purple becomes the balance between 2. Orange with my own skirt 2016/2017 #orangewithmyownskirt2016 for the next: no one is innocent in the world. It’s because of an Attraction. We all have desires to survive! Cry is a weapon. Why do we look the same?

Sub. Collection 1 : purple is the word for orange magically .



“Son of man, you dwell in the middle of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house.” (Eze 12:2)



Presenting the experimental sounds of ‘Not to hear’ in related to untruth series >>> is kinda like the sounds when you close your ears

1) Tree branches

– end with expand because of the involuntary

2) Bulky fabric on sleeves

– end with lost because of the helpless

3) Counting the pieces on body

– end with negative because of self reflection

4) Armouring with leather and studs

– end with shield because of self esteem

5) Difficulty of communication – end with broken because of the apart

Mood boards : prototypes on body

1456760_735955993086887_436849533_n 1459984_735956029753550_1661849864_n 579615_735956056420214_236189134_n 1453478_736319803050506_415761394_n 1463503_736319819717171_486178542_n 936007_736337319715421_1131817131_n 1474464_736319839717169_104616697_n 1461818_736912196324600_725552511_n 1473053_736912362991250_1183651317_n 1394334_736923056323514_51791540_n 1459225_737219912960495_453971819_n 1456583_737219929627160_704804173_n 553828_737219949627158_258228697_n 999640_737230936292726_295885016_n 1474411_737230962959390_1697790078_n 1456523_737230976292722_1002361577_n

11081039_1040230879326062_5609376529668767079_n 10451649_1040230899326060_8872309110690144788_n 11052881_1040076856008131_2451742967911662013_n 10418472_1040230915992725_3249521223902909140_n 11081315_1040076569341493_6271866522499419919_n 7090_1032206316795185_216484470262193951_n 11069920_1032206036795213_3913425576722876411_n 10478135_1032206143461869_683273791420360411_n11084260_1032206090128541_7459764245195066130_n11081016_1032210030128147_739154299822764765_n 11705324_1112868015395681_2467985705737624334_n

Sketching of Collections:

IMG_5741 IMG_5748 IMG_5752 IMG_5782 IMG_5809 IMG_5815 IMG_5835 IMG_5851 IMG_5864 IMG_5928

Remake and review :


Finalise pre show:   


Gift and Souvenirs for helping Charity and Youth education

sleeve_left-01 Screen Shot 2013-11-18 at 10.28.58 PM sleeve_right-01 Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 3.42.09 AM Screen Shot 2013-11-07 at 6.41.55 AM LISTEN QUOTE TEE DESIGN5-01 Design3六片嘻哈帽子-01 Design2六片嘻哈帽子-01 Screen Shot 2013-11-05 at 5.08.14 AM 1450819_729791837036636_37050616_nIMG_6672


946952_738088752873611_1251283318_n 1463294_738088792873607_1722513905_n 1479285_738088849540268_814166236_n 1472857_738079599541193_161221691_n 1470356_738079516207868_1982648473_n 1463610_738079539541199_1355222518_n 1CM-01 2TM-01

Ornament for ” hear or not to hear ”  -inspired by the conflict of city and forest.

1238282_712869275395559_1083338315_n 1392021_712869525395534_1997079052_n 946377_712869748728845_1830811561_n IMG_4161

Ornaments for H/NTH collection – inspired by seashell

1385070_713435638672256_1929731508_n 1384088_713884345294052_1400737647_n 1378145_713435145338972_1357740895_n 1378888_714479181901235_743377399_n 1383351_714481065234380_811350092_n 1383405_714484015234085_389559751_n 994359_713434812005672_1193681177_n

+hear or not to hear+


teaser 1&2

​final movie : 

​Editorials 1 to 16 ​​​Jeju X Hong Kong covers:

Sponge = Human

189877_5053853364_513238364_147864_8938_n 200803_5053878364_513238364_147869_648_n 199059_5053843364_513238364_147862_8429_n 189153_5053848364_513238364_147863_8681_n 196834_5474578364_513238364_189067_3880_n 198514_5474573364_513238364_189066_3698_n 196586_5474613364_513238364_189074_5664_n n513238364_189033_9931 n513238364_189034_168 n513238364_189000_1988 319_26998178364_513238364_911814_3586_n 319_26998168364_513238364_911813_2898_n 319_26998163364_513238364_911812_2556_n 319_26998148364_513238364_911809_1524_n 319_26998143364_513238364_911808_1198_n 295_23844713364_513238364_823915_2017_n 319_26998158364_513238364_911811_2207_n 319_26998188364_513238364_911816_4272_n 319_26998183364_513238364_911815_3924_n


Pollination of Running LOVE

319_27018018364_513238364_912339_7875_n KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA  319_27018008364_513238364_912337_7030_n 319_27018003364_513238364_912336_6637_n theme 319_27017973364_513238364_912332_4902_n range broad technical broad of running love 319_26998133364_513238364_911806_234_n 319_26998138364_513238364_911807_808_n

Obsessive LOVE

31000_387205793364_513238364_4062308_4776480_a 31000_387200793364_513238364_4062230_6844609_a 31000_386936883364_3011677_n 30001_397331393364_513238364_4288016_4992231_n 30001_397331378364_513238364_4288015_4036976_n 30001_397331373364_513238364_4288014_4142342_n 30001_397331333364_513238364_4288011_6966483_n 30001_397331318364_513238364_4288010_5751828_n 30001_397331313364_513238364_4288009_7459831_n 30001_397331293364_513238364_4288008_5049221_n 30001_397331288364_111417_n 30001_397331283364_513238364_4288006_5606875_n 30001_397331278364_513238364_4288005_2421294_n 30001_397331273364_513238364_4288004_1811567_n 30001_397331263364_513238364_4288002_5706461_n 30001_397331248364_513238364_4288001_489125_n 30001_397331348364_513238364_4288012_4021303_n DSCN5768 DSCN6498 30401_391076053364_513238364_4137005_4682223_n 1


7622_128133313364_513238364_2581646_3659055_n 7622_128133293364_513238364_2581644_2404571_n 7622_128133278364_3429478_n

S_HELL collection – menswear

2 3 4 5 6 7 n513238364_575304_2491

Exploratory Contemporary Tailor Jacket

09092008589 09092008590 09092008591 09092008592 09092008593 ai-brush-strokes-detail

Exploratory Forms and Shapes by Existing Element

82847_200807221014258 82847_2008072210141321


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