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Orange with my own skirt

Orange dreams  on.
The sentimentality about skirt.
With regards to my personalities.
All have own values.

Orange with my own skirt 2016/2017

#orangewithmyownskirt2016 – is a colourful black mystery.

Indian Linen fabric with circular skirt bottom stand collar long sleeves dress with cotton rope belt combination. Zipper at the back. Furry jacket will be made. Mean: even when you are lost, tied up your belly, follow the feeding, Stand up and look around with freedom legs. Fold and ease the blocking , grabbing sth what you want.

#orangewithmyownskirt2016 📽 living is about combination, consumption and reaction. Orange is an association , a combination with red and yellow . There … must be having a chemical reaction between Red and yellow 1st. Skirt will be any kind of shaped raw substance / different component of cultures, gender, ages. LIFE is a reaction of #bombardment/ #meeting /#garthering / #movement , so orange is a product of little bit red and lots of yellow. LIFE is a product… has to be shown by little bit of red and lots of yellow . The meaning of red and yellow is equal to purple. Purple is the word of orange magically. Purple is also the mixture of blue and red. Blue is cool and red is hot. Purple becomes the balance between 2. Orange with my own skirt 2016/2017 #orangewithmyownskirt2016 for the next: no one is innocent in the world. It’s because of an Attraction. We all have desires to survive! Cry is a weapon. Why do we look the same?

アレンジアレンジアレンジですが #橙 #オレンジ#l #orangewithmyownskirt2016 good morning 😻 climate condition with Animal evolution/ ecosystem / food chain with Pollution / social problems on network , traffic , safety and housing / commercial problems on packaging/ petroleum consumption on plastic demand / personal desires with dreams / human innovation and technology with space and earth / analysis on the orange 🍊 colour with psychology : influences on gender / ages / social stages / media / Identity / and the relationship of nutrition itself for human in form of synthetic and artificial of fruit – by products in mixtures of solid / liquid / powder / in order to improve body health and skin / the biological structures with orange fruits / smells / taste / function // are we still beautiful without thinking of other collapses ? What would be going on to our next Generation? Think about Timescales for equilibrium ? I eat my orange , a slice of it.


 “Son of man, you dwell in the middle of a rebellious house, which have eyes to see, and see not; they have ears to hear, and hear not: for they are a rebellious house.” (Eze 12:2)

 Sound of ‘Not to hear’ in related to untruth series >>>

is kinda like the sounds when you close your ears

1) Tree branches

– end with expand because of the involuntary

2) Bulky fabric on sleeves

– end with lost because of the helpless

3) Counting the pieces on body

– end with negative because of self reflection

4) Armouring with leather and studs

– end with shield because of self esteem

5) Difficulty of communication – end with broken because of the apart

Mood boards _ prototypes on body



Remake and review :

theme_hear or not hear-01


+H/NTH+  _  rebellious monster

+hear or not to hear+

返樸歸真 ( A truth series )

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