Logo Design ( Branding )

Organisation for post- QMSS schoolmates : 5W since 2000

1) tee design

5W tee logo design-01Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.41.24 AM

2) Towel design

5W tee logo design2-01Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 2.53.41 AM

5W towel design4-01 5W towel design2-01 5W towel design2-01 5W TOWEL DESIGN_GREEN-01

photo 2 photo 5

Branding for PAK WO AQUARIUM

1) eco-bag promotion

 374596_632273656788455_1922839416_n980388_651691354846685_483901464_o 979944_651691348180019_1370810492_o 965333_651691341513353_293088699_o

2) billboard design

936709_632273613455126_843614837_n 902639_632273683455119_1571516699_o 901703_626435157372305_853629655_o

901694_626435154038972_1376553165_o 903437_626435147372306_1045107682_o 459445_632273676788453_2121454424_o

3) Florescent  Lightbox Design

969485_651691384846682_856554282_n  425279_651691408180013_1108823308_n  988575_651620611520426_1427415752_n 6943_651620648187089_802859419_n

4) Website : www.pakwoaquarium.com 

5) Coupon design


LOGO designs for ka shing / KINOVA (  An Italian Building and Kitchen Design Co. )


Website Design for Nuderma ( facial company at HK )





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